Dmitry Petrov Back

The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

Very detailed article about how US government places people (in us and world-wide) in the lists of the terrorists suspect. Most worries are connected with the fact that the conditions to get in a such list are very wide (the term reasonable suspicion is declared, but it has a very wide definition, a lot of exceptions and if that also does not help, there are exception, that allow to place e person in a list even without any real facts), there is no way for a person to figure out if he is in such a list and there is no public procedure to get out of this list. Moreover existing mechanisms have nothing to do with the official court system and exists inside of military or intelligence agencies without any access from outside. If person was placed in such a list it immediately gets problems with transportation, job and any other area that has something related to security. If we think about other articles that show the scale of monitoring systems developed by US government it becomes really scary and cyberpunk novels become really close to the reality. The last fact that is worth mentioning is that if the person gets in the list all government or government related structures a forced to collect all the possible data of such a person and interestingly it’s not about military and intelligence agencies but also the organizations that should not have any connection with politics and monitoring people like USAID.