Dmitry Petrov Back

Station Q

This is article is related to one of the Microsoft Research project but doesn’t look like ordinary promo page from Microsoft. The purpose of article to clarify the purpose of attempts the Microsoft is doing in the field of quantum computing. What they are trying to do is to develop a scalable method to build quantum computers. Today a lot of labs have an ability to make some kind of quantum computation, but noone can build a stable computer and the reason is that any kind of distraction to one of qubits during computation destroys all the information, and they try to apply a topology to the field to make a protected version of qubit that will be able to resist distraction or at list its distraction will not lead to the failure of the computation. In 2000 a theoretical particle Majorana was proposed to exist and later one of the researches got evidence of their existance. If it’s true it should be more easy to build a protected qubit. It’s just a chance but if it succeeds we will get a scalable way to build quantum computers. Why is it imortant? Theoretically quantum computers are exponentioally more performant than ordinary ones, so the problems that can take thousends of year could take days or even hours and we will see a real explosion of scientific discoveries