Dmitry Petrov Back

Refactoring in Java, Scala, and Clojure

Talk that is interesting only because it’s an example of attempt to somehow compare expressiveness of three JVM languages - Java, Scala and Clojure. Author represents a simple problem with solutions on all languages and then modifies the problem to show how different languages can easily adopt to them.

Author shows that Java solution is always bigger in terms of LoC and requires the developer to work more on the type definitions than on solution of the problem. The thing is that problem described in the talk is a toy one, so it has nothing to do with real big systems and gives only feel of how it can be in different languages. The other fact that decreases the value of the talk is that at the end author says that although java looks very verbose and awkward comparing to two other languages he still use it the most and will continue to do it for any real projects in future. Given that there is a doubt that he really believes in what he is talking about.