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The wind rises

Animation film by Hayao Miyadzaki. Film is absolutely perfect if you think about it without historical context of that time and I would highly recommend to watch it carefully instead of reading another one big article about how to fight ro live with procrastination.

The main figure, Jiro Horikoshi dreams about planes all his childhood and spends all his animated life by creating them and devotes all his time to his dream. His desire to build the perfect plane is so high that when he gets the mission to build a war plane he thinks more of how to build it than on the fact that Japan is going to attack surrounding contries to expand it’s influence. Or probably he approves these actions, but I think that Miyadzaki purposely omitted this in the movie.

If we will put the war away from the story then at the end we get a story of a man who loves his job to death who dreams about it even when he doesn’t work. And who loves his wife but even given that she’s very ill he can get from his obsession with planes and spend a bit more time with her.

And it’s the situation that make the film so magnicient to me. Jiro works on his plane even when she comes to him to spend her last days with him. The illness is on the final stage and what happens is that he just accepts this fact and continues to work on his plane. His wife Nahokoalso accepts this but also accepts the fact the even these days Jiro spends most of his time pursuing his dream. We even see that they both see the pain of all this, but he doesn’t stop working even through the tears.

The movie reminds me the life of such people as Sergey Korolev who work to make their dream come true and even big struggles cannot stop them from doing it.